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Advice on edinburgh to london charity ride

DW01DW01 Posts: 66
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Hey all on the 17th of august i'm cycling from edinburgh to london until the 23rd of august. the route is:
Edinburgh - Berwick (54 miles)
Berwick - Newcastle (73 miles)
Newcastle - Leeds (96 miles)
Leeds - Nottingham (78 miles)
Nottingham - Oxford (105 miles)
Oxford - London (62 miles)

As advice I'd like to know what i should take with me, for example, how many spare inner tubes, energy bars, fluids, food etc. The amount is the key thing i'm unsure about taking.

Also if anyone knows any good durable tyres which won't be too heavy and have too much rolling resistance which are white then please let me know.

Finally if anyone would like to donate, even if its only a pound, the charity is right to play and helps children in third world countries affected by war, poverty and disease to develop skills including leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, self-esteem, communication, commitment, respect and fair-play, then my page is:



  • DW01DW01 Posts: 66
  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    3 inner tubes should be enough, Probably wont need that many but just in case. If you get down to just 1 left make it a priority to find a bike store/Halfords and get a couple more. Might be worth carrying a can of "Pit Stop" or similar as last ditch backup.

    Distances per day arent too great. Assuming you are planning on having cafe stops every couple of hours or so then just two bottles of water + some nibbles (e.g. jelly babies. bananas, maltloaf, whatever you fancy) whould be enough. If it gets hot dont run short of water, stop at a garage/pub to get top ups if needed before next cafe.

    Sorry cant help with white tyre ideas
    Martin S. Newbury RC
  • StelliteStellite Posts: 544
    Hi good luck on the ride.

    There is a LBS in berwick town centre, and a halfords a short walk away if you need any spares on the first leg.

    I have been using continenal gatorskinz for 500 miles now without puncture. Have been on 80m routes and 40 milers over the scottish borders on rubbish roads. They appear to be ok in the wet
  • fraserqfraserq Posts: 14
    you'll be passing my house on the A1. What time do you leave Ed so I can cheer you on. Also, let me know via this site if you need me to top you up with water, flapjack, fruit, sweets!!!!
    cheers and good luck.
  • DW01DW01 Posts: 66
    haha thanks alot guys!!! I'm leaving edinburgh at 10am on the 18th of august so i'll keep my eye out i'll be on this not that it will be much help.

    912c1.jpg w400.png

    i will check out the gatorskinz thanks for the advice everyone.[/img]
  • Hey mate, I'm doing the ride too! Apparently they're providing some mechanical support but I don't know if that extends to inner tubes etc... I also think the route has changed so the distances are a little longer! I'll be the guy in the Exeter University kit on an orange bike!

  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    Good luck!

    I'd recommend Vittoria Rhubino Pros as a decent resistant tyre

    On long rides I take a Big bag of Skittles, if I start to loose my spark, a handful will give a sugar rush to get to the next stop

    Giving it Large
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    Only a personal opinion as I am a weakling, but I think I might have considered a compact chainset just to have some easier gearing available.
  • I'm hoping the route avoids major hills - I can't afford to go fitting a compact! I'm just planning on sticking a stem with some rise on it to make the position a bit more comfortable and less racy and plenty of chamois cream!

  • Hi have been doing big charity rides for a few years now.

    Food to me its all about what your stomach can handle on regular repetetive basis. I am ok with energy drinks, one bottle per hour and 3 gels per day when you are flagging.

    This is just ride food if you know what I mean, you must have a hearty breakfast, some decent butties at least for dinner and plenty of food at night. My stats suggested I was getting through 3500 - 4000 calories per day, so keep eating and drinking!

    Chamois cream a worth while investments, as is hand wash for your kit, if you don't own enough for every day, wash it, you must have clean clothes every day.

    As for tyres I used Schwalbe Stelvio this year very impressed, good rolling resistance whilst heavily puncture protected - just crossed the country twice.

    I got back last week, check our blog, if you have any questions just drop me a line.

  • DW01DW01 Posts: 66
    those videos look good man. its my first charity ride so they've got me very excited! and the food intake is really helpful thanks alot :D
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