Cramp while riding

Piersy Boy
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I got cramp in my right calf while 25 miles into my ride and then minutes later my left calf went.

Any tips on what to do. I ended up stopping and stretching them out. Really put a dampener on my ride as I was worried they would seize up again!

What's the cause of cramp?


  • Mothyman
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    try more fluids, the correct fluids, warm up stretches and gentle ride, good bike fit

    look for a common factor if its intermittent
  • hi, i find bananas help alot (esp in my last race) which is apparently due to the potassium in them.
    plenty of training should eventually prevent to much cramping, i find i only cramp up when i am over my usual training lengths or speeds
    if it is calf cramp or hamstring cramp you should be able to quite easily stretch these out whilst still on the bike and at regular intervals to try prevent them.