Shimano 6600 vs 6700 vs 7900 Compatibility

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Hi, trying to find info, but struggling.

I'm sure I read that the Dura Ace 7900 doesn't work with 7800, but does the Ultegra 6700 work with the old 6600?

And then can the 7900 be mixed up with the 6700?

Am thinking of a new groupset this winter, maybe:
7900 - sti, rear mech
6700 - front mech, cass, chain
then a Fulcrum chainset and some other brakes (not decided yet).

And moving the old 6600 onto a new cheaper frame for commute/touring.


  • John.T
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    7800 and all the 6000 stuff will work together OK. Not certain here but I think the 7900 has a different pull for the front mech so you would need one of these as well. The rear mech was rumoured to be different as well but some pro teams are mixing here so perhaps not. The brake cable pull is also slightly different but again some teams are mixing so probably not a big difference.
    Chainset,cassette and chain, no problem but the 7900 chain is suposed to be better. May be just dearer.
    Finding good info on 7900 compatability is a bit difficult.
  • redddraggon
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    Apparantly it's just the 7900 front mech and brakes that aren't 7800/6600 compatible.
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