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nearly blown bike

MothymanMothyman Posts: 655
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Just cruising down slope into my village at the end of a new hilly 14mile route, hands on the hoods...sudden gust of wind...felt the front wheel slide sideways.... i did some sort of split second recovery and all was well....i was pico-millimetres from coming off...i wasnt being silly and new it was gusty but it 'put the wind up me'.

Anyone else come off/nearly come off like this? Does it happen more on light carbon bikes (never had it on Alu bike yrs ago..but I am a bit top heavy nowadays)


  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    do you have quite a deep section wheel rim?

    They can be flighty in the wind can't they - and we have had unusually high winds for the summer so far :-(
  • Yeah, had that experience riding home knackered in the rain recently - every time I went past a gap in the hedge the wind would catch me. Not enough to fall off, but it would move the bike around and it was swirly so hard to know what direction I'd be going in. Suffice it to say I was *not* happy with the driver who decided it would be OK to pass me with about 6 inches of clearance.
  • hotspurhotspur Posts: 92
    I didn't come off but I also got blown all over the place recently. It was unbelievably windy on Sunday, and after a nice refreshing bit of rain, out in the open Essex countryside I got caught out by about 20miles worth of build up of wind across the flat countryside. I was more than happy to reach an uphill section which was covered just for some shelter.

    I have to say that wind puts me off more than rain. It can really suck everything out of you.
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  • AMcDAMcD Posts: 236
    I was blown across a main road many years ago when I was just a slim young thing - took a wing mirror and hub caps off a parked car, gave it a lovely car length scratch, took holes out of my Ron Hill tracksters but thankfully my bike was fine! It was a steel Raleigh if I remember :wink: .

    I traced the owner who was just looking after the car for a relative who was on holiday. As I was, by this time, a snivveling female with holes in my keks he took pity and didn't even take my name for the insurance company :D .

    I was nearly blown off just a few weeks ago when suddenly riding round a corner into a very exposed area - I'm now far from being a slim young thing and thought I could hold my own in the wind :shock: . My pedal hit the curb but luckily I stayed upright. I hate the wind, would much prefer to cycle through a downpour.
  • Takis61Takis61 Posts: 239
    Ditto the last Sunday, knew it was windy but hey, down here on the Sussex seafront it is ALWAYS windy, but it really got gusty, wet & nasty half way through the ride & very dangerous imho, was really pleased to get home in one piece.
    You get used to the wind, but it can still catch you when it gusts
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  • teagarteagar Posts: 2,100
    I did enjoy blowing the group apart in the crosswind on Sunday.... *ahem*.

    Only problem I have when it's quite windy and gusty is eating - I find it difficult to go no handed when the wind is really going at it.
    Note: the above post is an opinion and not fact. It might be a lie.
  • Happened to me about 35 years ago.

    Riding along A4 between Newbury & Hungerford. Trees on opposite side of road sheltering me from strong crosswind. Got to end of trees and then exposed to open fields on both sides of road - then a strong gust blew from right to left, and blew me and the bike off the road sideways. In hindsight it must have looked hilarious to any traffic passing, but I felt very silly at the time.
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  • MothymanMothyman Posts: 655
    it sounds like we need to be alert at all times in windy weather....

    Cavendish would look silly if a gust blew him off 5 yards before the line with his hands in the air !

    I went out in the wet yesterday and that needed plenty of concentration on the gravelly corners - not come off yet
  • NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
    Mothyman wrote:
    Cavendish would look silly if a gust blew him off 5 yards before the line with his hands in the air !

    I bet many of the pro's wish it would happen :wink:
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