Urgent Advice Needed; Flying with Ryanair and Bike

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Apologies if this doesn't seem to directly involve workshop advice, but wasn't sure which was the best forum to post this question on, and I have had to dismantle my bike!

I'm flying to Nimes with Ryanair tomorrow morning and taking my bike, to go and watch Friday and Saturtays stage of Le Tour.

The bike has been booked on with Ryanair and I've paid for it. Unfortunately I can't find any details on weight or dimension limits for the bike bag on Ryanair's appallingly difficult to navigate website. True to form, I cannot get through to any of of their expensive call centres.

Knowing their love of charging extra fees, I'm worried I'm going to arrive tomorrow with a bike and either be charged an extortionate fee or told it's too big/heavy/wrong colour.

If anyone has flown with a bike on Ryanair before I'd be grateful for any advice regarding any limits. If there are no limits I might be sticking some more stuff in there!


  • Not had any problems myself, usually flying with a bike box and bike weighing approx 24kg, and a rucksack weighing another 16kg. I see the website (FAQs, checked baggage) stipulate maximum size and weight restrictions.
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    Interstingly I am flying my bike to Ireland with Ryanair tomorrow. As far as I can tell. There doesn't appear to be a max weight for the bike. I think its just the fixed charge. I'm going to be chucking a fair bit of stuff in there.
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    You flying out of Liverpool ?

    We flew last year, they weighed the bike, which came to something like 30kg because there was all sorts of other stuff in there, wrote the weight on the chit they give you to take to the oversized luggage desk, and that was it.

    No idea about Nimes, but I've flown back from a few regional airports in France and Italy and never had it weighed
  • i've taken the bike many times in it's padded planet x bike bag, i'd not seen any weight limit on the bike bag and usually stuff a few books and things in there too, however i flew with jet2 in july and noticed that they had put a 25kg maximum on any bag bike included, but all airlines have different rules.

    they usually go out through the oversize check in but come back through the normal luggage belt