Cassette spacing issue

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I have done up an old steel frame Ciocc with Shimergo components. For the cassette I used a Miche 8 speed. The space between the highest gear (ie smallest cog) and the next is appreciably narrower than that between the other gears.

Reversing my Shimano chain through the cassette I get a little kerchunk as the chain rides on a tooth of the next gear. It seems to be only one link.

These are brand new components, so the cassette is unlikely to be bent.

Anyway, why is the space narrower between 8/7 than anywhere else on the cassette?


  • k-dog
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    Shouldn't be - that's the principle behind indexing - each click is the same as any other.

    Have you got the smallest cog on the right way round - is it even removable? Or a spacer or something that should be in there.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • John.T
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    It sound as if a spacer is missing. The top to second sprocket is the only one that is not indexed as the limit stop controls the top gear. The gap is often slightly bigger than the rest.
  • bice
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    That's probably it. There is a spacer, but I assumed it was to be put on first - not least because it made the 8/7 space slightly wider than the others. I will put it between the two top gears and see how it works.