advice what is the best road wheels for under £130

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ive just found cracks in my aksium rear wheel by the spokes,ive had this problem several times before with other wheels is this because of my weight 13st do wheels usualy only last aprox 3 years,im consedering tacking up fishing thanks
going downhill slowly


  • ScottieP
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    A couple to consider:

    Planet-X Model B's - £125 at the moment I think....

    or these

    Kore Gradient II

    which got an excellent review in Cycling Plus a few months back

    To be frank you're not going to find loads of good choices at this price point....

    Good luck
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  • alfablue
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    I am heavier than you. I have Planet-X model B's. They are superb for the money, much lighter than the competition at this price, have staid true and undamaged.