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ok... i've taken the plunge now!

yonexyonex Posts: 6
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Right so i'm a total newbie.

23, 6ft 1in and 180lbs. I play a lot of tennis and run quite a bit too so my fitness is ok, i also commute to work every day (8 mile round trip) and i use a 2005 Giant Rincon MTB with slicks which has treated me great so far and will hopefully continue to do so.

However, i've been wanting to hit the road for long rides on a proper road bike for a while now and i've finally gone and bought a bike.

Trawled ebay for about a month until i found the one for me:

I haggled with the guy and he threw me some freebies: wireless computer (dunno which one) an extra bottle cage, some mudguards (they'll go on my commute bike) and some basic cage pedals.

First of all, any thoughts on the bike would be much appreciated. Don't think i got ripped off, but if i did then let me know!

now i just need to get hold of a few more essentials and i'll be ready to hit the road!

I got sized up at my LBS and they said 57-59cm would be ok, and i also had a quick spin on a friend's bike (PInarello FP3 ... what a beauty!) which is a 58cm and that felt great so i'm hoping the bike is a nice fit.

any tips for a newbie moving from short commutes on MTB to hopefully moderately long rides out on a road bike?

thanks in advance, look forward to haging around here and sharing my trials and tribulations!


  • MothymanMothyman Posts: 655
    looks a decent price to me - altho i am a beginner as well
    how comfy is the ride?
    what distances are you going to ride?
  • yonexyonex Posts: 6
    No idea mate, i'll get it on wednesday so i'll let you know then after i take it for a quick spin.

    I'm looking at a couple of sportives in September, around 80km each. we'll see how it goes, i'd love to try out a 150km+ ride at some point in the future but for the meantime it's baby steps.... so weather permitting i'll go for a 25-30km ride this weekend.
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