How to tell if your rear hanger is bent

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Hi all

After reading one of the threads on here I have been wondering it myself as when I try to set the rear up, it will always skip a gear somewhere and a real pain when riding.

I have changed the cable which was part of my problem before plus its not a new bike so any help with this would be great.

I have also what some of the videos on youtube and done it the same way but its still the same :?
Thanks Sicknote


  • Monty Dog
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    Put the gears into the largest sprocket and check that the rear mech cage is straight in both vertical and parallel to the wheel axis, front to back. Your LBS will have a tool to do a simple check -only takes a few minutes. Shouldn't be a problem on a new bike unless it's been crashed or been knocked in transit
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  • sicknote
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    Thanks Monty Dog

    I had looked before and from what you have said, it is bent so will get it sorted and see how it goes.

    Its not a new bike so could have been knocked at sometime.