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is it worth going for carbon handle bars

hillam1hillam1 Posts: 4
edited July 2009 in MTB buying advice
hi im 15 and i have a trek ex 9.9 06 and my dad has a brand new scott spark 60 and he want to lighten his bike. he weighed my handle bars and seat post and the his own .he found my caron ones were 450 g lighter than scotts own componets.

is there any chep light carbon or super light alu out there


  • mhukmhuk Posts: 327
    I replaced my Scott bars with FSA carbon risers. The main reason was because the straight bars were killing my wrists so getting lighter bars was a bonus. Merlin Cycles were doing a deal back then.

    Here's a list of bars and weights.

    There's a cost per gram ratio when ligtening your bike - some are grams are cheaper, some more costly. Wheels, tyres, saddle, seatpost, chain, cassette - have low can you afford to go?
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I put some Sunline V1 carbon bars on my hardtail a few months back (to tart it up) but kinda wish I didn't now. You need to be more careful about tightening stuff up than alu bars and whenever I'm going silly fast on rough stuff I keep imagining the bars are going to snap any second :p In reality ofc they're just as strong if not stronger than most alu bars but I just have it in my head. If I were buying a set of bars now I'd look for some scandium ones.
  • Zeroman_IRZeroman_IR Posts: 290
    I had a pair of those Sunline V1s snap on me after only a month. Turned out they were replaced under warranty, a manufacturing defect. Didn't put them back on though, got them refunded. I'm sticking with alu.
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