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mikeyboy12345mikeyboy12345 Posts: 187
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I'm new to cycling, and noticed there's a fair few peeps from Southampton here, so was just wondering which Southampton LBS are good, and which aren't, on price/friendlyness/good advice/etc. Did a tour of the city yesterday looking for shorts/shoes and loads of other gear, but as a noob I don't know good advice from complete BS!! :?

Opinions on the following would be helpful!!

The Hub Cycleworks
GA Cycles
Cycle World
Rock & Road
Action Bikes
DH Cyclesport (never bl00dy open!)
Any others.

I've already bought a road bike and now I need all the rest of the gear. Your opinions on the best places in Soton would be most appreciated!



  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    Mikey for wheels and bikes i could have given recommendation depending on what type of gear you wanted but for those bits i would say chainreactioncycles on the tinterweb would be better. There is always a lot of sale gear on the web and it will save you a lot of cash and give more choice.
  • Ok, thanks! Will look at Chain Reaction. For a noob like me it's always nice to be able to go and finger the merchandise just to see what's what. E.g. looked at cycling shoes, but as my feet are different sizes I thought I'd need to try some on. I'm usu a UK size 8 or 9, but Shimano size 42 & 43 were too small, and a 44 way too big. Found an old (discontinued?) Sidi model in size 43 that fitted, but a different Sidi shoe in the same size I pretty much walked out of. Sometimes there's no substitute for trying before you buy!

    Cheers for the reply tho!
  • BiscuiteerBiscuiteer Posts: 143
    Been a good few years since I was last in Soton but is Portswood cycles still open? I used to use them for the repairs I didn't have the tools to do myself.

    As for kit, there's a Lidl cycling special on the 23rd if you're strapped for cash. The Shoes (for SPDs not roadie cleats, mind you) have a good reputation and there's a toolkit & saddlebag combo for £5 too. I'd also recommend the gloves and socks too but they look different to the last time they were offered. Steer clear of the pumps though!
  • sicknotesicknote Posts: 901
    I got the tool kit and bag the last time and am very happy with but would say to put it all in a plastic bag as it leaks, still good for the money.

    I also got some of the long trousers and tops which I will be getting more of, just a shame the last I tried the shoes they 11's come up a little small, fingers crossed I can get some this time as you cant got wrong for just under £17 ( see here)
  • aclucasaclucas Posts: 15
    My experiences:

    Cycle world are my proper LBS - they are friendly and helpful in general, I'm trying to visit them more. So far they have been a little slow, but mostly because they are very busy.

    Hargroves: Bought my bikes from them (the first was a long time ago from Winchester, the second from Soton last year). Ok, but a bit of a trek for me and found them to be a mix of friendly and snooty. Somewhat of a cliquey place?

    Peter Hansford (Chandler's Ford): Went through a bit of a management change since I last used them. Wasn't particularly impressed. My local to work LBS.

    DA Cycleworks: Yep, never open - never managed to go in, my second most local LBS.

    The Hub Cycleworks: Love the feel of the place, but possibly expensive.

    Rock & Road: Really should go in as pretty local. A friend bought a 4k bike there so presumably he likes it.

    Not very helpful, hopefully someone else will say something more.
  • GavHGavH Posts: 933
    My only experience has been of HARGROVES, both Winchester and Soton branches.

    The Winchester lot are a reasonably friendly and knowledgeable bunch, although I'd say they lack enthusiasm and will happily let a customer walk out the door and buy off t'internet rather than try hard to sell to him.

    The Soton branch are useless. REALLY useless. I say that after only one visit though. One visit where I went to try on some Assos shorts to check the fit. Except they didn't have any in my size and told me they wouldn't be getting any in from now on. You might think I'd do something like that after calling to check availability first. Except I had, only 40 mins prior to walking into the store. You've probably already guessed it, but the guy on the other end of the phone had told me at the time that not only did they have my size, as well as others, but they had them in black but if I wanted blue (or any other colour for that matter) they could order me them in. Hence my surprise 40 mins later having driven down to see them only to be told NO, we haven't any left and won't be getting any in becuase (get this!!) Wiggle are soon to become the only authorised Assos stockists! :roll:

    Un-fecking-believable. REALLY un-fecking-believable.

    So my advice is stay away from Hargroves.
  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    A bad experience Gav H but mine are all total opposite. Some of the part time staff are half-witts but the manager and deputy are both excellent and never let me down on service/buying/creative thinking issues on any of my 5 road bikes. Must admit i only deal with those two really because they will make what you ask for happen if they can. If they cant they will simply say, we will have to order it. They always give me a price and a delivery time scale too. Plus Paul is a handy little wheel builder. As i stated above i dont generally buy shoes/clothes etc from there as they cannot get close to the variety and prices of internet companies.
  • I have only used hargroves (soton and winchester) and they were both excellent.
  • FlasheartFlasheart Posts: 1,278
    Although not Southampton(actually Bournemouth) I always trek over to Primera at Charminster. Damned if I know how they fiit so many bikes and stuff in that shop's packed solid.
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