Bianchi Nirone 7, Fuji Newest 2.0 or Scott Speedster S50?

Anthony.Rooryck Posts: 8
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Bianchi is the only one with a full Sora set, the others mix between Sora and Tiagra. Any advice?


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Posts: 79,667
    Tiagra is better than Sora so a Sora/Tiagra mix is actually better...
  • That's what I thought and when I then look at the prices, the Scott and the Fuji with the mixed set are cheaper and appear to me to be better value. Therein lies my dilemma!
  • rjsmith
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    I hada Scott Speedster and liked the frame. For the money it wasn't a bad performer at all.
  • pianoman
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    Don't forget the Bianchi Nirone is also available with Campag Xenon (the one equivalent to Dura-Ace) :D

    But do go and test ride them if possible. You will probably like one much more than the other two.