Which TT frame

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I'm planing to start building a TT bike for next year.
The first item I would like to get is the frame has anyone got any idears, and I'm not made of money.
In the gear section of this site I sore what looks like a prity good frame at a good price, Dalkiia F1-Zero TT any thought on this frame :wink:
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  • joeyhalloran
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    i would say the contenders are from the dalkiia, planet x or maybe the ribble.
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    i would say the contenders are from the dalkiia, planet x or maybe the ribble.

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  • rjsmith
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    Dalikkias have apretty good rep as TTs bikes. If you can get a cheap one then I'm sure you'd be pleased.

    If money is an issue, then as Joey says, Planet X etc produce good frames that don't cost a great deal compared to many others.

    TT bikes are good second hand buys though as they don't see a huge mileage for most people, so are kept in good condition.
  • Vat59
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    Hi Martin
    I bought one of these `07 Transition pro`s from websters cycles for £450 originaly £900 , great frame , they still have a 52 cm left .

    The finished bike cost around £1700 and weighs 8.1 Kgs , best to set a budget before you start and keep to it .

  • Monty Dog
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    FWIW the Dalkia, Ribble, P-X, Ridley, Dolan and many others are pretty similar to the degree that they probably come from the same Taiwanese factory. Therefore, base your decision on what gives you the best position rather than the paint job!
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