Saddle Height

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What is the right way to work out saddle height apart from paying for a bike fitting service?
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    The best way is trial and error!

    A good starting point is to be able to rest your unshoed heel on the bottom pedal with your leg straight then go from there, see what's comfortable.

    There are many different formulas for working it out but these again are only guides. When riding your legs should be slightly bent when the pedal is at 6 o'clock..

    The best way to fiddle with the height is using a turbo, then fine tune it on the road...
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    If your pelvis rocks when pedaling then it is too high. Set it as ND says and then raise it until you get rock, then lower until it stops. Easier if someone can ride behind you to see. You will not be very far off this way. Never move it by more than about 3mm at a time as this much can make a big difference.