First set of carbon bars ?

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Hi All

After updating my stem want to also replace my tired bars which i cannot tighten properly in my new stem

Looking for a wing style carbon bar.

What do you recommend as the choice seems endless ? I have a Ritchey stem.

Specialized Epic FSR Carbon Comp


  • skyd0g
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    As you say, the choice is pretty much endless.

    What bars do you have currently?
    Do you want to stay with a similar shape / drop?
    What sort of budget do you have?
    By "wing style" are you referring to a flattened top section?
    Is the stem an "oversize" 31.8mm stem?

    The main choices are between traditional round drop, ergo drop or compact style, with a mutitude of variations in-between.
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    Skydog's questions are all valid. It does depend on what sort of rides you want them for. I have FSA K-Wing carbon bars (ergo version) on one of my bikes and I can't fault them. They came with the bike, so weren't necessarily my choice but they certainly contributed to my final decision to buy the bike. They're extremely comfortable for long sportives, with a good range of comfortable hand positions available. I have no plans to change them either. I prefer them to the round bars on my other bike.

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    If you haven't got one already you'll definitely need a good torque wrench for tightening the stem bolts. You don't want to over tighten the stem plate, something that's very easy to do without a torque wrench, as you can damage/crack carbon bars without knowing it i.e. quite easily. That's not to say they're not strong, they are, but like anything that's fully carbon i.e. not carbon wrapped, you have to be very careful to get the correct torque when tightening bolts etc.