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Tire Integrity Compromised

rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
edited July 2009 in Road beginners
Hi first puncture in my GP4000, no drama to speak of however my question is, once the tire wall has been penetrated, :oops: (I have put a patch on the inside of the tire to get me home) is the tire still good, more to the point safe?

Your input gratefully received


  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    If it's a small cut (5mm or less) then a patch of some sort on the inside will be ok.
    Larger than 5mm probably not, it's up to you :wink:
    He is not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy !!
  • rogerthecatrogerthecat Posts: 669
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