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Hi there

My first time on the site and hoping to get some helpful advice. I'm looking to buy my first road bike and have a bit of a dilemma.

I've narrowed my choice down to a Specialized Dolce Elite and a Trek 1.5 WSD. The problem that I am having is that although I know the spec on the Specialzed is better I dont like the colour as much as the Trek ( i know its a bit of a vain thing to say )

Can anyone advise me about how much difference there is between the two bikes? And honestly whether I would notice the difference.

Many thanks


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    When you say you've narrowed it down have you actualy sat on them? If not you really should as one may feel right but not the other. If everything else is equal then go for the best colour!!
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  • Sarah H
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    Hi, and thanks for your response. I have tried the Specialized and am going to try the Trek tomorrow. The specialized felt comfortable, so will see how the Trek fares tomorrow


  • Pokerface
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    Treks are cooler. Get a Trek.

    (My road bike is Trek. My TT bike a Specialized).

    Treks are still cooler. :lol:
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    Cannondale's are cooler than Treks. get a Cannondale
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    anything french or italian is cooler than american junk :evil:
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  • Sarah H
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    I've been advised to stick with Trek or Specialized as have been told that their women specific geometry is better
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    Welcome Sarah.

    Their womens specific geometry is indeed better, but only for those women that it happens to be better for! If you are one of them, then by all means stick to these models, but you might be wise to try some "mens" bikes as well to see if they fit you. My wife loves the specialized womens geometry, and wouldn't go near a mens bike. Other women hate it and think it's a gimmick ("shrink it and pink it")!

    Anyway, to answer your question, there is a substantial gap between the two models you are looking at. On paper the specialized is definitely the better bike. The dolce elite is "one model higher" than the 1.5 wsd. For a fair comparison, you'd have to go down to the entry level dolce really!

    In practical terms, this means two things. First, the frame on the specialized has carbon seatstays but the trek doesn't. This is a pretty common feature on frames at a price between entry level and the full carbon models higher up the ranges. Have a look at the benefits of carbon, and remember you'll be getting them in a lesser way than if you got a full carbon frame!
    Secondly, the groupset on the specialized is tiagra, which is the next one up the shimano range from entry level sora, which is on the trek (OK there is a bit of mix n match, but basically this is the case). the practical difference between the two is that sora uses little thumb levers and tiagra has paddles behind the brake levers. Try them and see what you think. There are other differences (weight, "crispness", finish, snobbery) but I'd decide which suits you.

    Fit is really important. But if the womens geometry suits you, and they both fit, go for the specialized. In 6 months time when you start craving upgrades, you'll be annoyed if you went for the sora equipped alu framed trek when the tiagra equipped part carbon specialized was the alternative.
  • NoNotAgain
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    Christiane Soeder, one of the best female cyclist and a physician as well, claims that women don't need a special geometry.
    They usually need smaller frames, of course, but a frame for a man of the same size should usually fit.
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  • bice
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    My daughter is 5.8 foot, like me, and she uses my Trek 1.7. She is tall, willowy with long legs, I am male and more stocky with a longer body. She finds she is pitched forward a bit on the handlebars, but otherwise fine and we did 57 miles together recently. A shorter stem would make things more comfortable for her. I wouldn't get too carried away by the marketing.
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    My wife tried quite a few bikes in the 600 quid range, and the best fit for her turned out to be the 2010 mens Specialized Allez in a 49.

    Don't be afraid to try Mens bikes.

    If the shop tries to sell you a womens bike because you're a women, I'd personally go to a different shop.
  • bice
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    Having looked at the bikes, I think they are quite expensive. And why 9 speed? I would widen the search to include Carrera Vanquish, Boardman and Focus and others. Best of all a shop that will mix and match, such as a wider, women seat-bone specific saddle etc
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    Thanks for all your suggestions. Only being 5 foot I'm at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to choice because of frame size, I need a 44. And also I don't really want to spend more than £700. I have been riding a men's hybrid, and must admit I do find it a bit of a stretch, so the Specialized did feel comfortable in comparison. Anyhow, I'm now off to try the Trek!!
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    Good choice :)
  • Sarah H
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    Hi all. Many thanks for all your posts. I have decided to go with the Specialized. I can get a good deal on it from my local bike shop and it is better than the Trek. Now to choose my accessories!!!!! :D
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    Hi Sarah
    What a shame you did not go for the TREK
    Purchased mY Trek 1.2 DOUBLE COMPACT Feb 2009 - colour scheme predominately Black with red and white livery for £399. in my local shop .
    Tried a friends last year and was smitten - Currently averaging 140 miles a week.
    Happy cycling
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    I dont think there is much difference with these huge volume manufacturers, TBH, and the Specialized did have better gears. I thought both were pricey for 9 speeds. But Specialized is good, reliable choice and you will have fun on it.