Pro Power sports drinks from Argos - any good?

james0889 Posts: 15
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Have been looking to get some energy and recovery drink and have spotted the Pro Power range at Argos online which would appear to be an abolsute bargin!

Has anybody used these or can offer an opinion of these products?



  • Infamous
    Infamous Posts: 1,130
    I don't think you should buy foodstuffs at argos.

  • gtitim
    gtitim Posts: 225
    Check out - they have some awesome deals every now and then and I can really vouch for their Recovermax drink and the extreme viper bars.
  • Grazy81
    Grazy81 Posts: 196
    Hey guys i had been wondering about these recovery drinks as i sometimes use a weightgain for carbs and add a little extra protein to boost the protein content after a workout and just wondered how these recovery marketed drinks actually faired up.
  • Garz
    Garz Posts: 1,155
    If you have a well balanced diet then unless your wanting to build bulk they dont really do that much for you. I agree that enery before/during a ride is needed, and some recovery mix will help after a ride (mainly if your riding again the next day).

    Cyclists tend to be a lean species unless you specialise in sprints, so for me they are OK to an extent but dont go throwing a ton on money on them. They are meant to be a supplement as an aid, not to replace a proper diet.
  • Headhuunter
    Headhuunter Posts: 6,494
    Nurishment is good as a recovery drink, has a good mix of protein and carbs that your body will lap up after being pushed hard. It's available in cans at most newsagent/corner shop type places -
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