Ribble Winter/Training Bikes £399 - was I just imagining it

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Thought these were £399 just last winter - went onto have a look and the cheapest one I can see is almost £600!

What gives?

Anyone know of any other companies that sell ready to go winter builds cheaply?


  • Slow Downcp
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    That's the way prices have gone over the last 12 months - exchange rates mean than parts shot up in prices, on top of normal manufacturer increases. You may be able to get something later in the year when 2009 models hit the sales.
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  • Smokin Joe
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    It's mainly down to the massively increased cost of Shimano componants. Campag stuff has been hardly effected but as Xenon and Mirage have been dropped from the Campag range budget bikes have to stick with Shimano gear.
  • a_n_t
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    my mirage clad one was 500 this time last year.
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  • keef66
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    Yep, in the first half of 2008 they were doing a limited edition winter trainer with alu frame, carbon forks, and a selection of 07 and 08 Campag 9 speed components for 400. Wish I'd bought a shedfull, they would have gone up in value more than my HBOS shares have in the same period.
  • stevie63
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    I had a go at using their bike builder on the site and found that by changing the components to cheaper ones ie sora instead of xenon, changing the wheels etc, I could get the price down to £435.50 for a fairly decent bike. Worth a try if you're thinking of one for this winter. You will probably need to order it now if you want it before winter judging by other comments on this forum but that is another story.