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When it says national trail on OS map (broken green line with green diamonds on top) I trust we are able to cycle these is that right?

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    It depends on the symbol under the diamonds, long dashes are a bridle way :) , short dashes a footpath. :cry:
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  • tjwood
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    AFAIK the only national trail that is all bridleway (and hence legitimately OK for biking) is the South Downs Way. There is also the Pennine Bridleway under development.

    The others are a mixture of footpath and other rights of way - generally speaking you can't lawfully ride on the footpath bits.
  • They are short dashes under the green diamonds
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    Johnstumpy wrote:
    They are short dashes under the green diamonds

    Look at the key on the map - is it footpath or bridleway? If it's footpath, it's off limits.

    As tjwood says, the only all-bridleway national trails in the UK is the South Downs Way and the Pennine Bridleway.

    IIRC, some sections of the Pennine Way are bridleway too, but they are few and far between.
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