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Get fitted properly

Mendip rouleurMendip rouleur Posts: 163
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After injuring my shoulder doing the Cheshire cat this year, and cycling becoming very painful I realised I had to get a proper bike that fitted me.

Got it from Kinetic-One in Stroud, a small independent with terrific service. The bike itself is FK Carbon bike, with ultegra groupset, with a compact double, 12-27 cassette (which in low gears gives me almost = of triple apparently, San marco arami gel saddle, Rodi airline wheels and vittorio zafiro tyres. All for reasonable 1630 quid.

But the really great thing about Andy at Kinetic One was his attention to the detail. Not only did he get the set up bang on for my size and shape (enthusiastic middle-aged ameteur btw), but when I picked up the bike, he got me on a trainer, reviewed my position, pedalling (with some high tech gizmos) and gave me great advice.

The end result is no more shoulder pain, faster times, and an increasing addiction to the road. I can now comfortably ride long distances and enjoy the cycling without worrying about pain. So get properly fitted, and check out Kinetic One.
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