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I'm new to the road bike scene, having said that I have been using a road bike to commute but never taken it seriously until I started timing myself!!

I have an old Falcon Team Banana, while not the best bike it is in good condition and in my mind quite fast. Is this a good bike to start with? what could I do to upgrade the bike? I do need some new tyres, the current ones are 700 x 25 and I've seen some ones I like that are 700 x 23 does this make a difference? will they fit?

As I say I'm new to road riding so excuse any ignorance on my part.
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  • Rich Hcp
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    Those tyres will fit, supposed to be less rolling resistance.

    Keep the bike "Retro" and maybe buy a new one at a later date. You can sopend loads upgrading and then want to change anyway

    Above all, enjoy it

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  • markos1963
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    Got to agree with Rich Hcp, upgrade the tyres as they are a cheap and effective option. I have a 1985 Raleigh record and all I do is when things wear out ie chains,freewheels and so on I replace them. The only difference i would suggest is to find a good saddle and clip in pedals as your contact points should be the best you can afford as you can take them to another bike when you upgrade.
  • Peanutt
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    Thanks chaps, never could get the hang of pedals with clips tho, they always seem to be subject to gravity and I spend ages trying to flip it to get my foot in one, maybe there's a trick to it, never been able to get my feet out them fast enough when I stop either which inevitably ends up with me falling sideways flat on the floor, ah the life of a novice!!

    I'm going to strip the whole bike down this weekend and clean and re grease everything, re tape the bars etc. I'm doing a sponsored ride in september which I usually do on my mtb but I'm thinking a 30 mile run on the banana might be fun, a new saddle is definitely in order, a nice white one methinks.
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