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Ginat Talon 1 or Orange G2?

Jonny BigJonny Big Posts: 6
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Hi all

I'm just about to upgrade my almost 8 year old hardtail ridgeback mx95 and have ended up with a choice of either the Giant Talon 1 or the Orange G2 (only got a budget of 650 max and have to go with Cycle surgery as I'm using the cycle to work scheme),

I had decided on the Giant as was recommended in the shop, but have since had a look at a few reviews/views etc and am now in a bit of quandary, as the Giant doesn't really seem that popular.

Obviously I'll have a quick ride of the Orange as I have had of the Giant, but was just wondering if anyone had some insight they could offer into how the two compare. I'll be using it a couple of times a month on cross country/single track mainly and want something a bit meatier than my ridgeback to get me started on the big stuff - if I ever get the cash that is :)



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Both are ok, similar, but the forks are lacking for the cost.

    Anything else tickled your fancy? Carrera Fury is a good bet for harder riding, as is the GT Avalanche 1.0 - or look at the Boardman Comp for a great XC bike.
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Problem here is that it looks as its C2W through Cycle Surgery,who stock some nice bikes,at the upper end but are a bit limited at what they stock in this price range.
    The Giant is not a bad bike at all,it has a good review in this month`s WMB,has a good frame and is ripe for upogrades,but the spec is a bit underwhelming for the money.
    A bike like this is intended for fairly agggressive use,and a Dart fork and the Giant Root brakes are going to hold it back.
    As Sonic points out it looks poor value compred to the spec you get on the Fury.
    If sticking with Cycle Suregry about the Rockhopper at £585? 10/10 in MBR`s recent dirty dozen test.
    A lot of this depends on what type of riding you are proposing.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Jonny Big wrote:
    I had decided on the Giant as was recommended in the shop
    Yessir, I've got just the bike for you :roll:

    I had a good look at the Talon in all its guises last month and although the frame might have some attractions (forward facing slot in the seat tube - wow) the rest of it is utter censored . The fork and brakes are awful and the hubs/BB/headset are woefully under-specced compared to the competition. Avoid.
  • Jonny BigJonny Big Posts: 6
    Thanks guys!

    Blitz's reply is a wee bit worrying and The Spiderman is right, it is Cycle Surgery or nothing as I've already gone through the motions (I only had a limited time to sort it out and had to go with what was easiest unfortunately) which pretty much leaves me with the Giant, the Orange or the Specialized.

    I have to admit that I've never been a big fan of Specialzed styling (a small point I know, but I gotta like the thing!) and the equivalent Marin or Trek don't do it for me either.

    Does anyone know anything more about the Orange...or am I pretty much looking at a choice between two of the same?
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    Much the same applies to the Orange,nice frame but spec isn`t that.Truth be told its getting hard to reccomend bikes at this price range compared to a year ago,due to the price rises,brought on by the weakness of the pound.

    If you weren`t constrained to Cycle surgery,I`d be looking at a Carrera Fury,Boardman from Halfords,or the Merlin Malt 1.

    Prices are going up again for 2010,and the Talon,has only just been brought out,so has obviously been pitched at the new 2010 price,level compared to others which are still at 09 prices.Give it another few months and I reckon the Talon won`t look so badly priced aginst its peers,once Specialized,et al have added 10-20% and have their 2010 models on the shop floor.

    A year ago,on 08 bikes at this price level,you would have got you a Tora fork as a minimum,and better brakes.

    The Orange,has a maginally better fork,better brakes,and I`d prefer its Shimano hubs and Mavic rims over the Giant`s generic ones.Orange have a good reputation for their frames too.If I were to buy either of these,I`d get some better forks as soon as funds allow.

    If it were my decision,at this budget,of the bikes at Cycle Surgery at this price I`d get the Rockhopper.However,given the tax saving that you are making,through C2W and the fact that you will be paying it back on a monthly basis,can you not extend the budget a little more?Much cheaper to spend another £100 on the C2W,and get decent forks now......

    Personally I`d go for the Rockhopper Comp,for £685 with the Tora forks....
    2006 Giant XTC
    2010 Giant Defy Advanced
    2016 Boardman Pro 29er
    2016 Pinnacle Lithium 4
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  • Jonny BigJonny Big Posts: 6
    Thanks guys. you've all helped loads and given me plenty to think about.

    MUCH appreciated!
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