boardman XL size to fit

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hey guys im new to this bike buying thing. Im 6'8'' and was wondering what bike to buy? I looked at the boardman comp but can only find it in S,M,L i noticed someone say it comes in XL is this true.


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    And I thought I was tall at 6’ 6”!!! anyway, I think even XL might be a squeeze for you mate, most bike manufacturers only go up to 6’ 6” but the best thing you can do is go an try one, you can probably pop in to your Halfords store that has got an XL one and try it, you will probably need to change the stem to 13cm but even that might not be enough :(.

    I know there are some manufacturers that do 60cm+ top tube but I don’t remember any right this minute (probably someone might be able to help).
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    I think you might have trouble finding one to try. When I wanted a Boardman Road Team in XL there were only 2 in the country - luckily one wasn't too far away. If you go on the Halfords site you can check stock levels in your local store. If there aren't any shown in any of the local stores then there is an option down the bottom of the screen to show the closest to you. BUT, even then, you need to phone the store to make sure they actually have it AND make sure they will put pedals on it and let you try it. Believe it or not, my local one woulnd't! I found it in a Bikehut store (still Halfords, but dedicated to bikes) and they were really good.

    I am 6'4" and still have room for growth on the XL, so it might be okay for you - I have a long body and it suits me.