Hi all, newbie buying advice here

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Right lads and lasses, been looking at the forums a lot recently and you all seem a pleasent and caring bunch so I was hoping you could help me.

Being quite unfit and wanting to get back into cycling (for years a 3-4 mile commute on a cheap arsed mtb) I thought a road bike is the way to go (more fun)

SO having a lmited budget, what would you recommend?

I have been looking at http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165710 - Carrera vanquish from halfords


Giant Defy 3 http://www.dalescycles.com/2009_Giant_D ... 9defy3.htm

now I dont care about brand names and such, I do care about not spending too much money (more to the point the mrs cares about me not spending too much money) so which would you say is best? or any other suggestions? I aint too sure of building it myself so any assembly I would need to pay my local bike shop for and who knows how much they would charge.

Anyway, cheers for taking the time to read this poorly structured and rambling plea!

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    Are these 2 bikes your shortlist or are you open to suggestions?
  • Guinny
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    open to suggestions, I freely admit to being so new I squeak when it comes to bikes
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    The Specialized Allez is a popular model that springs to mind at a round the same price as the Giant Defy 3. 8)

    ...both the Giant & Specialized are well worth the little extra over the Carrera, long-term IMHO.
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    I love my Allez! Well worth the £540 i spent on it (only got the double) Completed the Manchester - Blackpool ride on it yesterday with not a single problem!

    Its a fantastic bike, but pay a visit to your LBS and try some out, let them know your needs and im sure they will be more than happy to advise!

    edited: Whoops! Im blaming it on still being tired from the MCR - Blackpool ride yesterday!
  • zoglug m8 £5.40 for an Allez Bargin, where did you get it from I would like a few, :D
  • dizzydane
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    Giant & Specialized are both reliable brands. One of my bikes is a Giant SCR3. Been riding it for 3 years and it's done more than 15 000miles. Only replaced the brake pads, chain and tyres from wear and tear. Excellent value for money.
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    Try the Specialized Secteur (whatever model you can afford) if you find other road bikes geometry a little to "racy". The Secteur (same geo. as the Spec. Roubaix) is a little more upright having a longer head tube. I found it to be more comfortable to me than the other road bikes I tried. I came from a MTB also for whatever that's worth.
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    If I were buying, I'd look at the Carrera, which is well specced and a better price. It would really depend whether the finish - welds - were so ugly they would annoy in time. Make sure you buy the right size frame as both of these are not 'normal' 54cms owing to slanting top tubes.
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    cheers lads, all help appreciated