Macmillan London to Paris Bike Ride - Advice Needed!

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Hi all,

Me and a friend are planning on entering a London to Paris bike ride for Macmillan, and would like some advice.

1) Need to buy a road bike as I am a MTB'er. Ideally would prefer to spend around £500, however I appreciate that road biking is new to me and I really don't know what you get for your money. Any recommendations? I have my eye on a Giant Defy 4 at the moment which is just under budget.

2) Is there any training plans available online?

3) How long (from very little fitness) should I expect to have to train? I am hoping to do the ride either later this year (maybe late sept / oct) or spring next year

Thanks in advance


  • themightyw
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    Out of curiosity, is this an organised event, or something you're doing yourselves? Would be very tempted to try something like this.

    Re the road bike, you should be able to get something decent. Personally I'd suggest second hand... FWIW I have a Trek 1.5 that would probably go for about £400 second hand, and which I'm very happy with.