Cutting a carbon steerer tube

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Hi, I've finally decided to cut off the excess steerer tube on my bianchi, I've done this before with an alu steerer and a hacksaw but my question is do I need a special saw/file to cut down a carbon steerer?



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    There are special blades similar (or exactly the same) as those for cutting ceramic tile etc. They're certainly recommended but I cut my carbon steerer just the other day using a bog standard 32tpi blade and an old stem as a guide. Just let the saw do the work, don't put too much pressure on it. It's also a good idea to tape the area to be cut with some masking tape or duct tape to help avoid any splintering on the ends. Worked a treat and it's not snapped. Yet.
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    Yup, wrap tape around the steerer and use a new, sharp blade. You can score the cut line first, it prevents the splitting of the outermost fibres - use a stem to guide the knife blade. Finish off with a fine file or emery paper.
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