Cheap Chains......... any good?

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By cheap I mean under £20 and even under £15 for Shimano HG53. But are they any good, or am I better off spending £20 - £30? Normally I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but surely a chain is a chain.

This is for a bike I'm building up from mainly secondhand bits, not a £3000 carbon dream machine, so I'm trying to get bits as cheap as possible. Having said that I want smooth shifting and definitely no breakages. Any thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.

9 speed by the way on all Shimano bits.
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  • Mettan
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    Perefctly fine - the KMC X9-93 is decent enough - £14.99 each ... elID=12756

    If you've got plenty of cash, by all means spend more - but if on a budget, the KMC X range are perfectly adequate. I use KMC - never let me down.
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    Check out Chain Reaction Cycles for some bargains on Shimano chains.

    HG93 down to £18 if I remember.
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    you only pay more for lighter weight...mid range (eg ultegra) as good as and I use them on a "fancy " bike as change them before they trash the cassette which is 8-10x as much
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    try scram 9 speed about 10 quid from ribble works great with shimano and easy to fit
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