Sunday Mornings

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Okay I know this is not a chat line forum however:

On Sunday Mornings I have started to do a 50 Mile ride, it will be my 3rd this weekend, First Ride was up to Bury St Edmunds, and back to Hadleigh via Sudbury, Last weekend was towards Manningtree then to Ipswich, Sutton Loop and back via Ipswich. Not sure about this weekend. Yet to decide.

The thing is this, I found myself talking to myself after about 2 hours therefore would appreciate some company, if only for my sanity.

I am not the fastest around only been riding since March and I cover the 50 Mile in just under 3 Hours. No hurry the views and breath taking if you catch the right light, so if you fancy it either PM me or use this forum. :oops:

I have battened down for any incoming so feel free,

I know the Bike club option however as I said not too fast as yet.


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    I realise you've considered the club option, but why not give it a try? At 50m in 3 hours on your own you're riding at a pace that should easily keep you in the pack of a club run - plus don't underestimate the extra speed you get from riding in a group.
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    I agree, you should have no problem with a regular club ride.
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    Thanks for your support Guys :)