Zipp Valve extender help- sorry? what now?

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OK i have not bought the special 'plumbers' tape from the hardware store that i'm supposed to put on the valve to seal the valve extender to the valve, so i'm not entirely surprised that i can't pump up my tyres on my new wheels.

but faaaar more basically, riddle me this: do you take the valve extenders off after inflating the tyres? and though it says, keep spare extenders attached to your spare tubes, in the real world what does everybody do?

i'm intending running 60mm valve tubes on zipp 404 clincher's which means that about 5mm of the top of the valve is showing (not enough to get a 'bite' from a pump head.

why can't they just make longer valved inner tubes FFS?
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  • Monty Dog
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    In the 'real' world people use tubs on deep-rim wheels because that's what they were originally designed for - but you've very kindly provided me another reason as to why carbon clinchers are even more pointless! There are other makes of valve extender that have o-ring seals that work without PTFE tape.
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    Plumbers tape is what you need, and yes you should leave it on.... why not do what I did and get a spare valve extender to put on your spare ready if you were unlucky enough to get a flat.

    If you really cant be bothered with plumbers tape, just use insulating tape.

    Oh and I had valve extenders with o-rings, which were knackered after only a couple of months....
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  • tom84
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    OK i appreciate the help, thank you. so if you leave the extenders on, is there an argument to say one should choose the shortest valve inner tube that you get away with when the extender is poking out the rim?
  • Pokerface
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    First off - you CAN get 80mm valves if you look around.

    Next, I used the Zipp valve extenders on mine and didn't use the PTFE tape. I just used a hex key to tighten the extender onto the tube and job done.

    Lastly - I keep a spare extender in my little bag with my spare tube.