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Completed my first ‘official’ TT yesterday and have a really painful lower back today. I rode the whole TT on the drops and pushed myself fairly hard so this would most likely be the cause of the pain, but does this kind of pain go away with time? Say if I am to do the TT every week (which I’m planning to) will it start to get noticeably less painful each time? Would be grateful to hear from people who have had the same or a similar problem!



P.S. I also went out on a 36 mile ride today and did the occasional 'sprint' on it so maybe this made it worse/caused it?


  • Puzzler
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    Yeah it'll get easier with each ride Rich, don't worry.

    Was it the come & try it around Laughton?
    How'd d'you get on?

  • Puzzler wrote:
    Yeah it'll get easier with each ride Rich, don't worry.

    Was it the come & try it around Laughton?
    How'd d'you get on?


    Thats the one. :) Have you done it? I did it in 27:05 which I was quite pleased with. My last PB was 28:10 when i've gone out on my own. It def makes you work harder when you have a number on your back!

    It's great fun isn't it Jake! How did you do? I guess it's just a case of muscle development! Can't imagine those muscles get used that much in every day life.
  • My advice is to see a physiotherapist. I had a motorcycle crash a few year ago and lived with the pain for well over 12 months. A mate told me to see his physio and 35 quid later and an hour and he'd identified where the problem was and popped it back in.

    I've also 'invested' in a £50 memory foam pillow which had simply been one of the best things I've ever bought, great night's sleep and less 'cricks' in my neck now
    Don't ride faster than your angels can fly........
  • Going right round roundabouts must slow you done a fair bit! I'd be quite worried about taking them at speed as well! The course I did had a small roundabout that you go over twice but you don't really need to stop for it. And there's a few junctions and a short up hill section. Nothing to difficult though. :)

    Thanks Geordie Mick in Wigan, I'm not worried about permanent damage just yet but shall definitely consider it if the pain persists.
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    Give your back time to recover. (if you must ride, don't go on the drops).

    Then, when it feels ok again, go out and hammer a 2hr+ ride using mainly the drops.

    Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    You should find that doing that for a few weeks will strengthen your back. If the pain gets worse every time, it means your bike is set up wrong and you should seek out a proper bike fit before you continue. Usually, lower back pain when on the drops is due to the saddle being set too high.
  • John.T
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    Your body is not used to working hard on the drops and needs time to get used to it. Just spend more time riding on them.
  • Cheers Bhima and John.T. Will try and ride on the drops more on my normal rides to build up the muscles :)