2 weeks off work on holiday and no riding

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I'm into my second weeks holiday from work and still no riding.
I had no actual holiday planned as we've just bought a new car and couldn't afford it really.We did have 2 nights in Wales at Shell Island where I was stung by a jelly fish for the first time in my life.Unfortunatley I had an allergic reaction which has effected my breathing a bit.
A trip to the docs saw me on steroids and antihistamenes?
I'm back at work on Monday and the only ride I managed was to a car shop.
Gutted as I was hoping for a few hundred miles while I was off.
It looks like the only ride I'll get in will be the Manchester to Blackpool on Sunday with my work mates.It wont be a fast pace by any means but at least my body can recover.
If you are unfortunate enough to get a jelly fish sting then get it checked out asap, quite a few dangerous ones are now appearing on our shores.The sting itself may not hurt but the venom form the sting can do other damage.