What to do with your free Zipvit bottle


  • rjh299
    rjh299 Posts: 721
    OMG! :shock:
  • sicknote
    sicknote Posts: 901
    Think I might have to get one more set :wink:
  • tmg
    tmg Posts: 651
    Some people........... :?
  • simon johnson
    simon johnson Posts: 1,064
    Mine should arrive tomorrow :D:D
    Where\'s me jumper?
  • andy_wrx
    andy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Bidding history is interesting.

    Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time
    Bidder 1 £11.50 06-Jul-09 21:52:06 BST
    Bidder 1 £11.50 01-Jul-09 00:47:57 BST
    Bidder 4 £11.00 07-Jul-09 22:53:53 BST
    Bidder 4 £10.00 07-Jul-09 22:53:40 BST
    Bidder 4 £9.00 07-Jul-09 22:53:18 BST
    Bidder 3 £7.50 07-Jul-09 17:05:57 BST
    Bidder 2 £3.00 07-Jul-09 11:07:40 BST
    Bidder 2 £2.00 07-Jul-09 11:07:26 BST
    Starting Price £1.00 30-Jun-09 22:54:33 BST

    Bidder1 seemed awfully keen to win it, wonder what his max was - £20 ? £30 ?

    I wonder if it was Mario from Austria, also paying £4.50 postage...
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Posts: 79,667
    They aren't even the proper Elite bottles. These ones leak horrendously and are miles away from the normal Elite bottles!
  • gabriel959
    gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    Thanks for the idea :)
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  • sicrow
    sicrow Posts: 791
    Left mine at the velodrome on Sunday night :cry:
  • sicknote
    sicknote Posts: 901
    I must be lucky then as mine does not leak at all :)
  • dinosaur
    dinosaur Posts: 86
    Mine didn't leak but it did jump out of the bottle cage when i hit a pothole and the nozzle broke. :(
  • SBezza
    SBezza Posts: 2,173
    Neither of mine leak, actually one of the better bottles I have. Unfortunately both of mine jumped out of my seat mounted cages over a bump on a 100m TT, one of the nozzles broke on mine. I currently have 2 bottles but only one lid :lol:

    Can't believe someone has paid £11.50 for one though.
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Posts: 79,667
    I have 2 and they both leak :(

    They look good though!
  • Stellite
    Stellite Posts: 544
    Got mine today. Ill have to see how it goes. :D