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Hi All,

Probable an SFQ, but what can I do to stop my hands going numb when i ride? I'm new to road riding and have done a selection of rides from 20-30 miles now, each time I get a very numb left hand which I need to take off the bar and shake to wake it..

I wear padded gloves and have replaced the grip tape on my bars but still have this problem. Any suggestions would be welcomed.


  • Garz
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    Don't grip too tight and make sure your wrists aren't bent up too much, if this doesnt help then its probably a positional matter of the seat/bars.
  • Wappygixer
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    For comfort some people double wrap the bar tape on the top of the bars for extra cussioning
  • soveda
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    I've just put some gel pads under the tape for this reason, first ride impressions:
    It's taken the major part of the "buzz" off and I feel more fresh in my arms than before but that might be the "shiny" effect of having something new on the bike (like the placebo effect but for toys).
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    If you need gel inserts or a double wrap of bar tape for a 20-30 mile ride then there's something up with your bike set-up.
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    I bet your front tyre is pumped up too hard.
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  • kirkjr13
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    What tyre pressure should i be using??
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    90 psi ? specialized bar phat tape or fizik gel pads are useful & seeing ive had the spesh bar phat tape on my handlebars for several months of riding, so theres no placebo effect in having a bit of gel padding underneath the handlebar tape. even to the point of not needing padded mitts.
  • kirkjr13
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    I'll check my pressures then and see if that helps, think i am probably running a little higher than that.
  • lothian
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    Try varying your hand position on the bars regularly throughout the ride. When your riding up in the hoods, check that you're not putting pressure on your wrists. Also, try to keep your wrists as straight as possible.

    Frame size and fit are also important so it's worth experimenting with saddle and bar adjustments.