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2009 SLX Brakes

cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
edited July 2009 in MTB buying advice
I'm thinking of changing/upgrading my Juicy 5's with something better with more modulation.

I have mostly SLX on my Trek and it would be cool to add SLX brakes to the mix, however, are they better than Juicy 5s? Anyone had any experience?


  • Zeroman_IRZeroman_IR Posts: 290
    I haven't used the SLX but the Juicys are pretty good. However they're being phased out in favour of Avids new Elixir line so can I suggest the Avid Elixir R. Great deal, cheaper than the SLX too.

    One of the guys I ride with recently upgraded to Elixir CR (more upmarket I know but you're mainly losing adjustability and adding weight, the underlying brake is the same) from the SLX brakes on his Fuel EX8 and says they're the best brakes he's ever used, like night and day. The Juicys don't have the best reputation for modulation, the Elixirs are supposed to have it in spades so that'd be my choice.
  • Got some elixirCR's for £199 from merlin great brakes loads better than juicy 5's put them on my EX8 can't believe the difference modulation is far better.
    Never had any probs with my 5's though only changed to use on other bike.
    elixir R is the one to go for as the pad adjust on CR,s is sh!te.The CR's do look better on the EX though the R's only silver/grey.
    Have used SLX brakes on my mates bike,good brakes but not really an upgrade from the 5's IMO.
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