My first 50+ miler today!

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I posted this about not getting out enough the other week & one good week followed by a bad one etc. ... highlight=
Then this about upping my game! ... highlight=
Did my first 50+ miler today! Well happy, and averaged 18.5mph for 55miles! I know theres lots out there that can go quicker and longer, but for me its going great guns at the mo. But it seems as tough I was riding around with a frame full of water for the past two weeks or so! (done a previous search & sorted for now). Surely that was slowing me down?
Somehow the misses has come round to the idea of not minding so much recently, which I think has something to do with shifting 1/2 a stone off my beer belly.
So I just wanted to say to anyone strugging out there at the mo ( I know we all go through it from time to time), if I can up my game, so can you! Just think positive thoughts, and keep at it! Get some tunnel vision going, there will be light at the end of it. I know all of my recent efforts are down to me, but I seriously think this forum has given me some great tips & advice over the past few months, and helped me up my game. Cheers guys.
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    Well done, zedders, that's a good pace over 55 miles. Was that solo, too?
    As you've noticed it's not always easy, but, if life was meant to be easy Michelangelo would have painted the floor!! :shock:
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    That's an awesome pace over 55 miles especially if it was solo.
    I also did 55miles today but not solo. Was really struggling on the first 25miles and lost a lot of time! But after that got into my stride and brezzed the rest. (Why does that happen by the way??)

    tracked it here Average speed came up to 14.5mph
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    I di 54 miles today, had an average speed of 27+kph for the first half, but then hit a headwind & loads of hills on the way back to the coast, so average dropped to 16 mph+.
    I suspect it very much depends on the terrain & the wind conditions - I can fly with a tailwind !
    Congratulations, great result !
    My knees hurt !
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    Takis61 wrote:
    I suspect it very much depends on the terrain & the wind conditions - I can fly with a tailwind !

    Certainly does im afraid, what I focus on if I want to measure improvement is do a flat rid of 20-25 miles and see your av.speed increase. If I vary my routes with some big hills I tend to accept the av. speed will look feeble.

    Congratulations, zedders btw!
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    So your average speed dropped from 16.7mph to 16mph with hills and head wind? not bad!
  • zedders
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    Unfortunately it wasn't solo. Just me and a couple of mates. I did more than my far share on the front though and somehow on the run back in we all ended up getting split up for a good few miles, with one mate ducking short by 10 miles!
    18.5 has taken a long time to achieve! (Two years). When I started out in Aug 07 I was in the 14 - 15s for a 20 mile run. Last year I was hitting 17s. Hence why I'm pretty chuffed with several bigger rides and several 18.5s recently.

    My new goal it to hit 19mph ave by the end of the summer (not over 50+ miles though) and shead a few more lbs of beer and pizza. I just seem to be obsessed by ave speed for some reason at the mo.
    "I spend my petrol money on Bikes, Beer, Pizza, and Donuts "
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    great stuff Zedders