A massive thanks to Severn Road riding club....

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Had my first club ride with Severn Road riding club today.

I have been a lone cyclist for some time now and been riding anything from 20-40 miles for fun and fitness and commuting on both my road machine and MTB.

I googled Bristol cycling clubs and these guys sounded great so I dropped them a line and met up today. Around 12 of us went out for a Saturday social, but it was awesome being in a 'train' and a small 'peloton' and just riding with others.

In the end we did sixty miles, the furthest I have ridden. I had help up a couple of last hills and some great encouragement all the way through the ride. Naturally I will be joining the club and getting colours asap but cant thank they people who rode today enough. If you read this and you rode today, seriously - thanks.

I know my times and distance will come on leaps and bounds and I can threaten to be something like the cyclist who was always lurking somewhere inside me. Thus it will give me even more enjoyment from my cycling, which is helping beat severe depression. I am now off all anti depressants and nothing can touch the natural high cycling gives you, nor equally the pain of a killer hill LOL !

One day at a time however.



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    well done Pete..

    I remember the first ever club run I went on - I had 75 miles on the clock by the time I got home, which was probably 25 more than I'd ever managed to ride before. By the end of the winter I was hanging in there for 90-100 mile runs (although I was usually completely twisted by the end of them..)

    Best thing is your endurance will improve without you even realising it and your base fitness will never be the same again... ;) (ie it will be several times better..)
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    Nicely done Pete!

    Spread the word!
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    Well done Pete, sounds a great club you've found. As a very slow, unfit female I am looking forward to the day when I too can join a club run and 'wear the colours'.

    I understand about the natural high; if I go out before work for an hour I'm set up for the day - nothing can faze me, although I do tend to want to doze off mid afternoon!
  • Sounds good Pete. Went on my first club run today so can totally relate to what you say!! Can't believe how much more enjoyable it is then cycling alone! And gives you real incentive to push yourself further, especially up the climbs! :)

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    Congratz! I agree, cycling is the best anti-depressant there is.

    I've been considering the various clubs in Bristol. I like the look of SRC so its good to hear they are a good bunch.