where to find replacement bottom bracket cable guide

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Going down a bumpy bridle way I realised the bike had changed gears automatically for me and when I looking down I saw the cable guide had broken :(

It's on a Rock Hopper Disc 2008, which has shimano components. Anyone know where I can get a replacement, ideally I'd like the same part, or maybe a stronger version if one is available.

This http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=33951 looks pretty close, but it's the wrong colour :shock: and it doesn't look as tall as the one I have, but it's hard to tell from the photo.



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    this site has one if thats any help
    www.bikepimp.co.uk/1464808-shimano-bott ... able-guide

    the best thing to do is type what your looking for on google search and click uk pages you should get a few sites selling them.
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    Thanks, but not in stock :( That must be what I need though, I can't imagine they make many variations of that part.

    I'll see if I can somewhere that has them in stock. I wasn't sure I got the name of the part right because not much was coming up on google from retailers, but I have now realised BB is the shorter version of bottom bracket and that's found some more.
  • you local bike shop will have one for a few quid. they're quite flexy so even one that is slightly different should fit.

    go to the specialized dealer that you bought the bike from and they'll sort you out.
  • 3wheeler Hi, sorry to bother you but did you get a proper Specialized replacement BB Cable Guide for your bike? I have a 2008 Rockhopper & have broken the cable guide & I've found the standard Shimano ones don't fit... My local Specialized dealer hasn't a clue so I wondered if you'd found the right part & if so, where?