Shimano R550 wheel unusual problem.

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Got an odd problem, I dont know if it is so much of a problem but it sure as hell pisses me off, when ever I go over rough ground or anything other than a smooth road there is this constant noise that you'd thing might be the sound of the chain skipping, but It's not, it is the wheel, specifically the bearings as far as I can see.

I took the cone off and had a look at the bearings and re greased them some time ago, I noticed the space looks rather big for them (this is in the wheelhub side not in the freehub), and its apparent that when everything is back together, it seems like these bearings are bouncing about in there, when I shake the wheel I notice them. Now I guess this is not normal obviously?

I cannot see the bearings being too small as they came with the bike, would a possible remedy be to just add an extra bearing?

**edit** It's the freehub side, the wheelhub side is fine, the freehub side had 9 bearings in.



  • spanielsson
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    Why, oh why would you need to re-grease a near enough brand new Shimano wheel hub?!!!

    Give it to somebody who knows what they are doing instead of bodging it for a change Will, otherwise you will be throwing another small fortune away.
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    I'm perfectly capable of greasing some bearings thank you! I'm not prepared to pay money to get a freehub serviced.

    Also, It's not brand new it's done near to 2000 miles.

    But that's not the problem.
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    Add another bearing if there is space for it.
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  • freehub
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    I decided to try that, appears not, the actual track for the bearings in the freehub seems really wide, so what happens by the looks of it is that these bearings can move side to side and that is where the noise comes from.
  • markos1963
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    The usual rule is to fill up the space in the race with bearings and then to remove one of them. I would then add the grease and then reassemble.