Hill Climbs a days ride from London???????

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Hi Cycle Bloggers,

Being new to this area I don't know where any good climbs are can anyone help me?

I live in West London and being a very keen climber looking for the biggest and steepest hills I can find within a days ride from London.

Cheers OzB


  • crispybug3
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    Hampstead Hill will clean the pipes out!!!
  • fishyweb
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    There are some great hills in the Chilterns!
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  • Make a loop of Hampstead Hill, Highgate Hill and if possible Muswell Hill all in North London
  • patchy
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    you can chuck in ally pally to that too - not as sharp and severe as the others, but you do get a 40mph descent down the wood green side...
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  • sampras38
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    Hiya, I'm also West London but tend to do most of my climbing around Box Hill. Only a few mins from Jct 9 on M25 and you'll be hard pressed to find steeper climbs anywhere local.
  • pete54
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    I live in King's Cross and I ride through Kentish Town, up Swain's Lane past Highgate Cemetery and on to Alexandra Palace. Then I loop back round over Muswell Hill, over the top of Hampstead Heath past the entrance to Kenwood House, down Haverstock Hill and on to do laps of Regent's Park.

  • Mister W
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    Another vote for Box Hill. You have the choice of a long windy climb up one side or a short, steeper climb up the other. Both should test your hill climbing abilities.
  • Brixtonfixed
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    Yes, go to the Surrey Hills, it's excellent road cycling country, especially for climbing enthusiasts. You can construct some nice challenging loops - a favourite of mine was to start with Ranmore Hill from Westhumble then do Leith Hill out of Dorking (which I think is the biggest of the Surrey Hill climbs although I'm sure others will correct me if wrong). Further to the west, Winterfold Hill offers a serious, testing 21% gradient. You can finish up with Box Hill which is not particularly challenging in terms of gradient or length but good to attack as hard as you can. And it's got a superb cafe at the top.
  • sicknote
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    I would say Alley pally is good if the road is better than the last time I used it ( from the woodgreen side going up ) :shock:

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  • NWLondoner
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    The Surrey Hills have a good set of small hills :wink:

    Box and Leith Hill are just little crests (I bloody wish)