Cross bike with top mount brakes

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Hi, I want to buy a new CX bike on my Cycle to Work scheme. Id like the bike to have the 105 groupset and also have top mount brake levers, which I thought all CX bikes had, but from looking at some specs and pics they dont seem to.

I narrowed my choice to the following bikes, but am not too sure on exactly which have the top mount brakes. Can anyone help, and also recommend one for any reason? I really cant decide, Im new to cycling really so probably wont even notice the differences between them. The bikes are:

Spesh Tricross Sport
Voodoo Limba
Kinesis Crosslight 4T
Trek XO1
Giant TCX 1



  • Monty Dog
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    Don't limit your choice based on top mount brakes - they're a straight-forward retro-fit and you can buy a pair for only £10-20. Base your choice on the one that fits your needs best - also consider that not all cross frames come with things like bottle cage mounts and mudguard eyes e.g. some Kinesis - not having them may restrict the flexibility
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..