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Cheap Schwalbe alternative

ashfanmanashfanman Posts: 186
edited July 2009 in MTB buying advice
I really love the 2.25" Schwalbe Nobby Nic/Racing Ralph combo I'm currently running on my Cube Ltd Race, but I'm looking to buy a few spares and would rather not spank £40 per tyre.

I'm looking for something versatile, that rolls relatively well and is grippy in the multitude of conditions you're likely to encounter on a trail in the UK.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The one's I'm looking at are:

Continental Race/Mountain King (2.2" or 2.4")
Maxis High Roller/Ignitis/Advantage XC (2.1")
Panaracer Fire XC Pro (2.1")

If anyone has any experience of those tires, or any other suggestions, then it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and they're to run on Sunringle Ryde XMB wheels, if that alters your decision...



  • ads4ads4 Posts: 698
    I might consider the conti 2.2 race king (rear) and mountain king (front) combo next, a know a few people riding with this set up. I'm currently running a 2.3 conti vertical up front (Bonty 2.2 XDX rear) and it's planted.

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  • ashfanmanashfanman Posts: 186
    I like the sound of that.

    I'm keen to hear from anyone that has the Maxxis tyres - particularly XC High Rollers (but also Ignitis or Advantage) - and the Panaracers, or if anyone has any other suggestions...
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I use folding 2.35 Maxxis HRs - the most XC friendly version of the tyre. They are versatile, tough and above all very grippy. However they are not fast. Good for trail riding but not a choice for an XC race. There is a 2.1 version but that's a bit too skinny for me as I tend to hit a lot of big rocks!

    The Panaracer you mention is an excellent all round rear tyre - t's especially good in the mud for a do it all XC tyre. Personally I prefer something more grippy (perhaps a Panaracer Cinder 2.25) up front.
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  • cat_with_no_tailcat_with_no_tail Posts: 12,981
    If you really like them, and want to stick with them, you could get Ralphs and Nics at Merlin for £30 each, and they are the new ones, with the silver, white or red (or plain black) sidewalls. ... y-nic.html

    Personally, I just replaced my Ralphs with Panaracer Fire XC pros and I am really liking them so far, fairly fast rolling, and the sidewalls seem nice and thick too. Pretty much a Jack of all trades master of none type tyre, but I find that is the best kind to have where I live and the riding I do.

    And at £22 each, I like the price too
  • KenelmKenelm Posts: 15
    I just took off the Maxxis High Roller XC's 2.35 on my front wheel to put on a Panaracer Fire XC Pro (2.1). I've only done it for the summer and because, as someone else said further up, they aren't very fast. I've got a XC Pro 1.8 on the back and I like it so I thought i'd get the slightly wider one for the front. The 1.8 on the back cuts through the mud and is really grippy.

    The High Roller is awesome though, it breeds confidence and deals really well with big rocks/tree roots but isn't very fast.
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