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Polar Speed sensor position

GrantstatsGrantstats Posts: 43
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Good Afternoon everyone,

I am just curious about the right position on the wheel for a speed sensor? Does it make a difference where it is on the fork to record the correct speed and distance (not wireless pick up). Distance from rim/tyre edge/hub etc.

It seems the only setting to worry about is wheel size.

All advice appreciated.



  • The MechanicThe Mechanic Posts: 1,277
    It does not matter where on the wheel you fix the magnet nor where the sensor goes on hte forks so long as they match according to the instructiions.
    It still takes the same time to complete one revolution. Getting the wheel size right is important for accuarcy. Although you will probably have a table in the computer instruction book, the best way is to measure it. Place a chark mark on the tyre, wheel the bike at least one revolution of the wheel and measure between the chalk marks that the tyre leaves on the gound. This will iron out any discrepancies due to the type of tyres used etc.
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