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Low Maintenance bike for up to £1100 - Alfine Hub?

pigeon toespigeon toes Posts: 6
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I'm looking for a low-maintenance bike as I'd rather get dirty riding than looking after my bike besides which I'm technically incompetent. Changing tires and oiling a chain is about my limit and that's after doing a maintenance course.

I've currently got a Giant Terrago which is now falling to bits and I would prefer something a bit more forgiving on longer rides and that would cope better on more technical trails. I spend most of my time on local hills but also do trail quests, endurance rides and occassional trails (e.g. Afan Valley etc). Also road commute 30 miles once a week.

I'm seriously considering an Alfine hub based bike but it needs to be off the shelf (due to technical incompetence). So far I've identified the Orange P7, Charge Duster 8 and Genesis IO ID. Any feedback on the advantages/disadvantages of each? Anyone know anywhere in the Worcestershire/Herefordshire/Glocuestershire/Wiltshire area where you can do a demo ride of the Alfine version of any of these bikes? Are there any other options?


  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    I know it's verboden to mention them on this site but slot dropout On-One inbred will do you, except you'll have to build it yourself. Are those other bikes you mention available in Alfine versions off the shelf? I'm surprised if they are as (afaik) Shimano still shies away from reccomending Alfine hubs for offroad use (although plenty of folks are using them) and so any bike manufacturer speccing them would likely have to carry the warranty themselves in the event of failure. Still, good hub and great drivetrain solution for the money ... if a little heavy and unbalanced (all the weight on the back wheel)

    I run an alfine on a Cotic roadrat for commuting and they are very low maintenance indeed. Of course one day the thing will break and I'll have to walk / push home but until then it's all good!
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  • Thanks. The Duster 8 and IO ID are Alfine as standard and the P7 is an option - saw one in a bike shop in Ambleside last week.

    Have looked at On-One, I quite like the idea of a 29er, but I'm too thick to understand what all the options mean on their web-site and half the things you might want never appear to be in stock!
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    a ridgid single speed 29er (or 26) will be the lowest maintaince option..

    I know evans in Birstol has a charge 8 on the shop, but you'll probably find that most places will have to order one in
  • Thanks, I'll try to get down there. Couldn't click through to your link due to restrictions on work internet - I take it youv'e got a non-Alfine Duster. What made you choose it over other similarly priced hardtails?
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