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nicholasjnicholasj Posts: 100
edited July 2009 in Road buying advice
hi all, another newbie question sorry!

looking at buysing some shoes and clipless pedals - now im not scared of using the clipless, just that cycling in london traffic during rush hour really makes me want to still have the platform option for those trickey times, so i've considered these: ... d-spd.html

not the sexiest i admit, nor the most upto date in-thing peice of kit but seems versatile for the commute and the 70 mile ride on a weekend.

any thoughts?

also, is there a noticable difference from road cycling shoes to triathlon cycling shoes?

i can get a pair of these very cheap: ... spid=40656

i like the idea of a bit of extra ventilation (to be honest probably wont be wearing them in the winter when its wet). will the fit be a bit looser?

thoughts appreciated as always..


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