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Hayes Sole hydro brakes - missing component

eoinmooneoinmoon Posts: 2
edited June 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi there,

New to forum and very new to tackling hydraulic disc systems. So forgive me for the basic and perhaps incorrect description of missing bit.

My problem is the back (?) of my hayes sole rear brake housing unit (part that straddles brake disc) has gone missing somehow.

It is circular, approx size of pound coin, and seems to screw into the housing unit which has a magnet in it. This magnet I believe holds the brake pad back.

So I am missing this circular piece and I cannot find a replacement part or an equivalent part from another model which would be compatable.

Any ideas , sites to buy this part, comparable parts to replace this one.

Thanks in advance and I hope I was some way clear :-)



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