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Sigma BT1606L DTS - battery change then no display at all??

grodge08grodge08 Posts: 9
edited June 2009 in Workshop
Please can you advise me as to what I'm maybe doing wrong.

The display showed the battery was low and so I took off the back cover of the computer using a coin as the instruction booklet says you should and then put in a new battery (the right one but made by Maxell as opposed to the original Panasonic one) taking care not to press down too hard on the contact and make the positive side of the battery face upwards as again you are supposed to.

After this there has been no display since ...I've tried the original battery and that's not working and also tried some more Maxells but again they don't work either.

I'm really at a loss as to what to do next and as the computer cost me £50 odd I'm anxious that it's now become useless.

There's always the warranty of course and I've the receipt still from not long back via Chain Reaction Cycles but am a tad wary that batteries are not included in this according to the Sigma booklet.

As said at the top of this message I would welcome any advice on a problem that seems so daft and easily sorted really yet frustratingly is not correcting itself.



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