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Mavic XM719 a good choice?

Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
edited June 2009 in MTB general

It's as I feared, my rear wheel will never be the same again. The rim has a ripple in it, which will never be completely removed. It can be trued to be relatively straight, but basically the rim will never be exactly how it was. I suppose I can use it as a spare when necessary.

I have been considering a new rear wheel, and I've recently bought a new crankset and cassette, which I've both yet to fit, so I figure I may as well stick the new cassette on a new wheel. I try to do a bit of everything with regards to riding...AM, if you will, so something relatively light, but strong, would be ideal.

I've been looking at the 'Mavic XM719' rim with 'Hope Pro II' hubs. Would this be a good, all-round rim? It appears to be fairly light, and also strong to boot.
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