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PerkiLadPerkiLad Posts: 3
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Im a huge noob when it comes to mountain biking, i've not had a bike for a good 4 years. However, im looking to kick this bad habbit and buy a hardtail that i can use for commuting and off roading. The thing is, i havent got a clue about what to look for. At the moment i'm looking at the Specialized hardrock sport and the sports disc model.Butt im not sure whether this is a good bike to start with, my price range is at max 300 im a university student so i need to keep the price down. Can anyone help????
Also when i get to grips with the whole thing i want to be able to change some of the components, can i do that on this bike.?


  • Mickey EyeMickey Eye Posts: 590
    You can change components on any bike, there is however diminishing returns on putting high end bits on what is basically a cheap frame.

    A Hardrock is a great bike for messing about on, beginner or otherwise. If I was you though I'd be digging about in your student rag/local ad papers for second hand bikes. Try out a few bikes at your local bike store first though to get an idea for what sort of frame size suits you and ask for advice on the geometry too if you your shop is anyway competent.
  • PerkiLadPerkiLad Posts: 3
    I have already started having a look at second hand bikes, but im really not sure of what im looking for. So i would rather get a new, trusted frame and make that i know i can rely on. In terms of the one i spoke about earlier, the Specialized hardrock sports disc, is that a good frame, and does it have adequate reliable components and is it a good beginner's bike? ... 36&eid=107
    Essentially i would like to know how good this bike is in terms of a beginner bike.
    Really grateful for your help so far.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It's a decent enough starter bike. Have a look also at the Carrera Vulcan, GT Avalanche and Decathlon Rockrider 5.3, all which have better forks.
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