Problems with shifting small to big ring on 105 compact

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I've recently had a new front derailleur cable fitted by my LBS but still have problems shifting up.

It seems to work OK when shifting when the chain is on the big cogs on the cassette (biggest 4) but any lower and it fails to shift? I've tried increasing cable tension to no avail. It also takes a double click of the lever to change up or down.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions to improve. I have a 50/34 compact Shimano 105 setup and TBH the front shifting has always been poor.


  • markos1963
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    I've had problems with this set up and if you look on here so have lots of others, it seems the 105 front shifter has a bit of a reputation.
    I have(fingers crossed) got the shifting sorted now. What i did was to drop the front mech so it was NO more than 1mm clear of the big chainring, then i very slightly turned the front in towards the bike(nose in). I then reset the upper/lower limit screws again. With this done I undone the cable and screwed in the barrel adjuster on the frame and screwed it out 1 full turn. I pulled the cable tight and done up the nut. I found the change too tight so I screwed in the barrel adjuster 1/2 a turn and its now fine.
  • scapaslow
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    Thanks Markos1963 - i dropped the mech as suggested and this seems to have improved things greatly.
  • jswba
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    The double click is perfectly normal -- it's for trimming the mech so you can use the larger cogs with the 50 and the smaller cogs with the 34 if you want.
  • John.T
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    It should not take a double click. If it does you are not moving the lever far enough first time or the shifter is not set up right.
  • Hi - mine takes a double click .. was sure I'd heard it refered to in an article as 'the double click type' .. so thought that was normal ?